Year of the Pig

February 4, 2019

Gearing up for the Year of the Pig? We definitely are and we’ve got a good feeling it’s going to be a good one! From your wardrobe to sunday family lunch, we’ve got some fun ideas to get you into the Lunar New Year spirit with one of the cutest zodiacs ever!


Dim Sum

Give your Sunday yum cha a fun twist by opting for piggy bun dim sum. There are various restaurants around Hong Kong that take “char siu baos” to the next level, presenting them in super cute, highly instagram-friendly forms.



Sweet Tooth

Looking for a fun way to spend your Lunar New Year? Why not get creative and try your hand at baking some fun pig-themed goodies. From macarons to cookies and cupcakes, it’s not only fun but a great way to bond with everyone in the family!




While you’re picking out red lingerie for the Lunar New Year, don’t miss out on adding a few pieces from our pig-themed collections. Covering everything from baby pink bralettes to pig-lace bras and panties with playful pig motifs, it’s just what you need to usher in those new year prosperity vibes.




Buying new pajamas for the new year has got to be one of our favourite Lunar New Year traditions because there’s nothing better than starting off the year with a fresh set of jammies. Whether you prefer a nightie, pajama set or a fluffy robe, you’re bound to find something comfortable from our collection of pretty, pink, pig-themed styles.



Wall Art

Give your room an instant refresh by hanging up some wall art featuring a pig. From photography to illustrations or digital prints, it’s a fun way to celebrate the Year of the Pig while showing off a bit of your artistic side!


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