The Juicy Details

June 4, 2018

By now you’ve probably come across some article or a friend raving about the benefits of juice cleanses - from glowing skin to flushing out toxins and lower blood sugar levels. Why not turn this healthy habit into something fun with the girls?


With temperature rising weather on the horizon, there’s nothing like a cool day spent with your best friend in-doors, making some of the most refreshing juices to pick up your mood.



Boosts your immune system - 1 cup contains more than your daily intake of Vitamin C

Improves bone strength - thanks to the high percentage of manganese

Aids digestion - contains bromelain (an enzyme) that breaks down protein

Fun fact: first cultivated in Hawaii in the 18th Century


Best juice combo: ½ small pineapple + 3 medium carrots + 1 large peeled orange




Ups your hydration - contains about 92 percent water, and healthy electrolytes too

Good for your heart - thanks to the high levels of lycopene (the red pigment)

Beautiful skin and hair - packed with Vitamin A which helps moisturise skin and hair

Fun fact: watermelons are entirely edible, including the rind!


Best juice combo: 6 cups diced watermelon + 1 large cucumber + fresh mint + fresh lime juice




Heavy in antioxidants - namely Vitamins A and C

Asthma management - filled with beta-carotene which helps to manage symptoms of asthma

Promotes wound healing - thanks again to Vitamin C

Fun fact: considered a luxurious fruit and commonly given as a gift in Japan


Best juice combo: 2 cups chopped cantaloupe + 2 cups chopped pineapple + fresh ginger + fresh lime




Keeps your memory sharp - blueberries are packed with anthocyanins which keep your memory in check

Wrinkle-free skin - the ellagic acid in raspberries controls free radicals which damage skin

Great for weight control - the high fibre and liquid content makes you feel full faster

Fun fact: unripe blackberries are actually red


Best juice combo: 1 cup blueberries + ½ cup raspberries + 8 strawberries + 1 chopped apple + 1 orange


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