Sugar Trippin’ Holiday Looks

December 27, 2018

End of year celebrations are getting started with parties to get you thinking about your best outfits and looks. To get you glammed up in style, we’ve conjured up dream essentials, featuring delicate lingerie styles from us and beauty essentials from NYX Professional Makeup. You don’t need to be a beauty expert to learn these tricks or nail these looks. Explore what sugar-inspired themes we we have in store for you from the Land of Lollies to Whipped Wonderland to Sprinkle Town and Paradise Fluff. Have a bit of fun, turn up the music, and boogie — you’ll be prepped in no time.


Prep ‘n’ Prime

Before getting started, make sure you nail the basics. Get ready with our lace slip and cable knit robe to keep you warm. Our classic black underwear set goes a long way, featuring a racerback push-up bra and metallic lace hipsters cut in a cheeky style.


To match, NYX Professional Makeup goes back to the essentials with a flawless complexion. Their Licorice Lane Foundation Buffing Brush is designed for liquid and powder foundations to suit any skin type while keeping your complexion picture-perfect. It has a delicious candy-looking handle and flawlessly smooth bristles.


To ready pucker-up lips for the evening, go for the Sugar Lip Treats Set. It has all the sweet essentials you need, from Lip Scrub to Lip Balm and Lip Oil — say hello to a smooth base that will bring out your sweet side with just a bit of diva.




Whipped Wonderland

Take all the guesswork out of getting ready and put on your best feel-good lingerie. Inspiration from a Whipped Wonderland means finishing off your looks with an easy breezy feel. These lingeries sets will keep you light on your toes, fitting like second skin with featherlight lace. Triangle bralettes and low rise briefs are finished with scalloped edging and delicate frills for a touch on dainty girlishness.


Change up the refreshing look with a dose of metallic shimmer from NYX Professional Makeup. Their Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream Set is a little something that will keep you at the top of your dressing game. A set of twelve new limited edition lip smackers will glamorously level-up your day-to-night looks without breaking a single sweat. A treat to look at and to wear, these lightweight yet creamy colours are served up in a rainbow assortment where metallic meets a matte finish. Simply brush it on and your single pout will have the final say.



Sprinkle Town

If glitz and glam is your thing, you’re in for a treat. A brilliant dose of metallic sparkle from NYX Professional Makeup means you can bring your best festive looks forward anytime, anywhere. A true temptation for the heart, their Cream Glitter Palette is a beauty magnet that will light up the dead of winter. This creamy pressed glitter formula will bring a flash of sheen to your face or body. Choose from three shades, warm Chocolate Shake, sweet Strawberry Whip or cooling Peppermint — our all-time favourite. Its crystalline tones will leave you party-ready and shining like a gem. Apply it with the Precision Face Brush for zero mess.


A shining look is best paired with metallic underwear duo — dare to shine with this push-up bra and hipster panties set cut from foiled jersey. Skin-soft and decorated with a layer of delicate lace, these separates will help you go from event to event in one single look without having to change — feel good inside and out.



Paradise Fluff

With holiday parties in abundance, there’s a reason to dress just a little bit grown-up. But with a feeling of fun in the air, there’s also a little bit of sass. NYX Professional Makeup has created some dreamy looks just for the occasion. For the makeup dreamer, start your looks off with the Paradise Fluff Powder Setting Brush before diving in. Its sugar-coloured handle and pink bristles make it all the more fun to step up your beauty game. To make your eyes pop, their limited edition Shadow & Liner Set brings you velvety purple to buttery brown hues that will give you a winning stare. Finished with just the right amount of matte iridescence and partnered with the Matte Liquid Liner, this perfectly-sized kit will extend your look well beyond 9 to 5.


To bring on some unexpected holiday fluff, we’ve got a soft marshmallow slip-on dress that will make your life easier, and a few best lingerie looks to go with it. A dreamy wonderland of creams and pastels bring whimsical elegance to our push-up bra and paper-thin lace delicates.




Touch ‘n’ Go

Learn how to go from 100% to 200% in an instant with two pocket-sized beauties from NYX Professional Makeup. A secret weapon for the taking, their Sugar Trip Glitter Vault is a box of 10 limited edition glitters that will have you shining with literal dazzle and a flair. Accompanied with a Glitter Primer to keep your artwork in place on your face or body, who says you can’t reach for the stars?


Touch up with a bit of glitter or if sparkly isn’t your thing, go for sweet. The Glossy Lip Tint from the Land of Lollies is a treat from NYX Professional Makeup. Bringing your pout to life with a juicy finish, this trio of lip-smacking glosses is an easy way to leave your lips looking sweet just like a lollipop. Choose from three limited edition shades: vibrant pink, purple or red.


In true dress up order, start from the ground up and pick out your best undergarments yet. Time-honoured black and skin-friendly pink are easy to match with any shade from your wardrobe. Welcome in a look that will make you feel good with an extra glimpse of skin in cheeky briefs or hipster cuts. Triangle bralettes layered with lace trims are also an ever-loving favourite for their femininity and comfort.


From chilled events to party extravaganzas, we’ve brought you the best options to pick your fancy. Go for one look or mix it up — either way, you’ll end 2018 like a bawse.



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