Monster Mash

November 7, 2018

We’re not sure about you, but we’ve been bitten by the monster bug and can’t help but get excited by all things monster! We’re talking cute, fluffy, googly-eyed guys on everything from our cookies and cupcakes down to our sleepwear and lingerie! Read on to find out how we’re indulging our monster obsession right now!


Monster Treats

From cookies and cupcakes to macarons and full on cakes, monsters have found their way onto some of our favourite kinds of sweet treats. Why not try your hand at some DIY monster cupcakes - the icing and decorating is the funnest part!



Monster Cards

There’s nothing sweeter than sending out a greeting card, just because. You know what’s even better? Getting your creative hats on and making your own monster-theme card, complete with razor sharp teeth and big, silly eyes!



Monster Pillows

Looking for a fun way to amp up your bed linens? Monster pillows and plushies are both fun and snuggly! The perfect companions to your at-home movie nights and to keep you company while you drift on into sweet, sweet slumber!



Monster Movies

When it comes to monster-themed movies, nothing beats classic animations like Monsters Inc and Monsters vs Aliens. For those looking for something a little more real, A Quiet Place is hands down one of the best monster movies to hit the screens this year. Insanely gripping and surprisingly emotional.



Monster Pajamas


Bring out your playful side at your next slumber party with our monster-themed lingerie and pajamas. Choose from our range of everyday lingerie and pillowy-soft pajamas featuring cute monster motifs perfect for you and your girls.


The collection includes lingerie favourites in a palette of pastel shades and heather grey, complete with playful monster friends and googly eyes perfect for mix-and-matching during your next staycation with your BFFs. Throw a little mischief in by wrapping yourself up in our fluffy robes with cute monster horns when the weather gets a little chilly!


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