August 14, 2019

She’s sweet, fierce and a future GIRL BOSS. Meet model, Chloe Yu! Read full interview below as she shares what GIRL POWER means to her!


Hi Chloe! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Chloe Yu, I’m 19 years old & I’m from San Francisco.



How long have you been modeling for?

I’ve been modeling since the beginning of High School or end of 8th grade.


Describe your style in 3 words.

Comfy, that’s important




Who’s your style icon?

My style icon would be Bella Hadid. She’s so chic & she always looks so put together.

She’s so trendy, I love it!


6IXTY8IGHT’s signature shade is pink, what does the colour pink mean to you?

When you put something pink on, you just feel so cute & adorable. It’s fun and flirty!


What does #68Sisterhood mean to you?

#68Sisterhood means always supporting each other & hyping each other up! Really being there for each other.


What is your favourite piece in the collection?

My favourite piece in the collection was this little lace baby blue bra & it had a little strap right here, it was just super cute & fit really well.


Yeah, you looked AMAZING in it.

I LOVE that one, it looks so GOOD!


Any “best moment” from this shoot?

I had a lot of good moments on the shoot but I think there’s this one group shot of all four of us girls & there was just music blasting and we’re all dancing, going crazy. That was really fun.


Do you have any secret talent?

I guess a secret talent is I’m really good at cooking? I can make really good avocado toast sprinkle some red chili flakes on top. Yeah, I guess that’s my talent.




What is your favourite comfort food?

My favourite comfort food? I don’t even know! Is it weird to say french fries?



French fries are very comforting to me.



What’s your favourite animal?

My favourite animal is an otter. They’re so cute! Do you know that one picture where otters are holding hands in the water? That one is adorable.



They’re SO. CUTE.



What is your go-to song to listen to when getting ready?

I guess anything Ariana Grande, she always puts me in a good mood to go out.


What’s your top beauty secret?

I’m really bad at wing eyeliner so what I do is put a piece of tape right here and then I do the black liner and you rip off the tape & it’s like a perfect little sharp line.


Great tip! Thank you!


If you could choose another career outside of modeling, what would you be doing instead?

I’d definitely be a businesswoman. Run my own company.


Girl boss?

Yes, of course.


What kind of company?

I really like the fashion industry & entertainment industry so something in that realm, I’m not quite sure what but I’ll figure it out.


Which character from Crazy Rich Asians do you relate to most?

I think I relate to Astrid the most, I just love her whole vibe. She just always goes out, shop…

Yeah, that’s just me.


And she’s a strong woman.

Yeah! Love that!


What’s your favourite place that you have travelled to?

I went to Tokyo this past December & it was absolutely amazing. By far my favourite place ever! The food was SO GOOD, I need to relive that.


What about your dream destination?

I think my dream destination would be Barcelona. That place is just beautiful, I really want to go & explore the whole culture.


We’re big believers in GIRL POWER at 6IXTY8IGHT & that our girls are the FUTURE! What kind of advice would you give them to take part in being more involved in their community?

I think girls should be the first to step up & not be shy. If there is a leadership position open just go for it, take over & be a GIRL BOSS.




Day or Night



Rebel or Queen



Fantasy or Reality



Too much or Not enough

Too much


Friday night in or Friday night out

Friday night in


Sneakers or Flats



Red lips or Nude lips

Red lips


Crop-top or Bralette



Skirts or Pants



Cotton or Lace



Bikini or Hipsters



Festivals or Nightclubs



Puppies or Kittens



Pool or Beach



Diamonds or Pearls



Cereal or Toast

Toast with avocado


Video Games or Board Games

Board games


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