March 4, 2019

Tell us about yourself and where you are from

I am half Asian and half Russian living in Germany :)


What is something about you and your culture that you would like others to know?

The German side of me is a perfectionist and impatient (haha), the Russian side of me always treats good friends and family generously and the Asian side of me will always make them feel welcome and loved <3



What’s your favorite tv-show?

I LOVE Vikings and One Piece


If you could trade places with anyone in the world for a day, who would it be and why?

My future-self. I am curious to see what I am up to at that moment.


What’s your favorite animal?

A Koala! They are just super huggable and sleep all the time, just like me :)


Do you have a favorite quote/ words you live by?

“You get what you give” & “If you cant do great things, you can do small things in a great way” I believe and try to live by these quotes everyday.


What would be a good theme song for your life?

“Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King


Dream travel destination?

Bora Bora for the beach and Nepal for the landscape and culture


What has been your favorite place that you have travelled to?

Maldives and Tokyo are both my absolute favorite!



Describe your style in 3 words

Casual, natural, sporty


Tell us your top beauty secret?

Lots of water and always moisturize!


If you could choose another career, what would you be doing instead?

Definitely a skydiving instructor! I love the adrenalin!




What is your favorite piece in this collection?

I love “The Joy of Red” collection – such pretty laces! It’s super comfy while remaining sexy


Must get gift for your BFF from our collection?

Definitely the cozy and super soft lounge pants and socks because she is cold 24/7 haha


How would you describe 6ixty8ight in 3 words?

Cozy, cute, colourful



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