It’s Zoo-tastic!

October 16, 2018

Calling all animal lovers! Colourful furry friends come to life in textured graphics made of embroidery, marshmallow fleece, velour and beautiful knits that boast a delightful hand-feel like none other. Get ready to roll into bed and jump under the covers — zzZ!


Honey Bunny

This delightfully playful ensemble is a visual treat — full of creativity on every level! Drawing inspiration from the dainty bunny, the relaxed comfort of the pullover with dropped shoulders is decorated with an oh-so-cute pom-pom tail. Let your child-like tendencies shine through with these matching pastel pink slip-ons for fuzzy comfort to keep your feet warm while feeling as light as air.




This is pure cosiness and wonderment at its best. With the cute fuzziness of round pandas, these furry animals take centre stage in loungewear and sleepwear. Dream of these black and white friends as they don your pullovers and underwear with their pretty pink paws and round poofy tails. Embellished with a fitting pom-pom, this marled sweater and pair of briefs are a match made in heaven. Snatch ‘em up!



Paws For A Moment

Put your paws up if you’re FELINE good! Made from super plush fabric and fitted with clever hand warmers, this ultra cosy piece is the cherry on the top for homewear. It is embroidered with pink paw pads and even features 3D protruding ears. What’s not to love!



Warm as Toast

Luscious in look and to the touch, the newest must-have in a line of home clothing! These delecatbly soft marshmallow sweaters can be worn on their own or layered on top of each other for double the warmth. Add a noteworthy dose of fun to these easy-to-wear pieces by accompanying them with unicorn headbands and slippers to complete the look. Go on, enjoy this soft union of dream-like magic.



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