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May 22, 2018

One of the best ways to take in the sights, smells and sounds of your favourite city is through a bike ride. Whether you’re looking for a scenic route in the countryside of the adrenaline rush of a fast ride through the city, we’ll take you on our favourite cycling trails around the world.


Hong Kong

Nam Sang Wai Cycling Trail, Yuen Long

Difficulty Level: Easy


Experience Hong Kong’s tamer, tranquil side by heading out to Yuen Long for this comforting slice of the countryside. The leisurely 8-kilometre route will take about two hours total, depending on how much you want to explore. You’ll find everything from wetland wildlife to woodland paths and village-style restaurants along the way.




Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate


Located a few hours by bus from Taichung, Sun Moon Lake is a tranquil oasis surrounded by rolling mountains, hot springs and traditional temples. Deemed one of the best cycling routes in the world by CNN, it’s definitely not one to be missed. History buffs will loves that the trail takes you past the fascinating indigenous village of the Thao tribe, as well as the grand Wenwu Temple. Take your time cycling through the leisurely 12-kilometre section of the trail or go all the way by doing the entire 30 kilometres around the lake.



South Korea

Four Rivers Trail, South Korea

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult


There’s more to South Korea than the amazing skincare, music and 24-hour shopping malls that we all love. The Four Rivers trail is a cross country path that will take you from Seoul all the way south to Busan. A total of 633 kilometres, the beauty of this trail is that it can be tailored to your own liking depending on which section of the trail you choose. Whether it’s just the scenic views of the river or a full on camping adventure, there’s something for everyone along this route. Just be sure to purchase a “cycling passport” at any bicycle certification centre before you start.




The whole city of Copehnhagen!

Difficulty Level: Easy


Consistently voted as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, it’s no surprise that you’ll find more bikes than cars in Copenhagen. Bikes are used as one of the primary modes of transportation in this city, meaning bike lanes are a-plenty. While pretty much the entire city is a cycling route on its own, taking you past Sortedam Lake, Vesterbro district or Copenhagen harbour, there are definitely some hotspots you need to cycle to. Amager Beach Park is perfect for a hot sunny day, while Frederiksberg Garden is a nice break away from traffic lights and cars. Looking for something different? Cycle to the neighborhood of Nørrebro and discover the beautiful Assistens Cemetery and second-hand shops.




The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Difficulty Level: Moderate to difficult


Getting there might be quite the challenge (train from Melbourne to Geelong, then a bus to Torquay), but we guarantee it’s worth it. The 243-kilometre stretch of windy road runs along Australia’s south-eastern coast and is one of the most popular cycling routes in Australia. You’ll cycle past postcard-worthy coastal scenery, seaside towns and even temperate rainforests. Don’t forget to take stops along the way to take in the surfing culture and sample local produce and food while you’re at it!.



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