Spring Cleaning 22 Jan / 2017

Spring Cleaning

As the countdown to Chinese New Year almost begins, it’s time to get your cleaning gloves on. The belief is that cleaning your house (or dorm!) from top to bottom will help get rid of any accumulated bad luck from the previous year. We know, we know, it sounds like a chore but we’re all about making the mundane seem fun at 6IXTY8IGHT! Follow our tips below not just for Chinese New Year, but all year round, and you’ll soon hack your way to the tidiest space ever. 

Famous Families 20 Jan / 2017

Famous Families

Aside from the lucky red packets and delicious food, our favourite part about Chinese New Year has got to be the family celebrations. In the spirit of togetherness, here’s a list of our favourite celebrity families that are giving us major #familygoals right now. 

New Year, New Gear 16 Jan / 2017

New Year, New Gear

With the holiday season officially behind us, it’s time to start prepping for Chinese New Year. We’re big believers that new things bring good fortune, and we’re talking everything from your pajamas right down to your lingerie. Find the persona that describes you and we’ve got just what you need for the best year ever. 

Lunar New Year Décor 14 Jan / 2017

Lunar New Year Décor

Dressing your house or space up for Chinese New Year is just as important as dressing yourself up. While you can never go wrong with traditional décor, we like to spruce things up a bit with a little bit of a twist. Read on to find out the five ways we’ll be sprucing up our house for celebrations to come.


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