Foodie February 22 Feb / 2017

Foodie February

We’re officially declaring February as Foodie Month! Whether you’re looking for a new fine dining place for a special occasion or a spot to get your fix of fried chicken, our list of new restaurants has it all covered. 

Taiwan’s Instagram Hotspots 17 Feb / 2017

Taiwan’s Instagram Hotspots

In celebration of 6IXTY8IGHT’s newest stores in Taiwan, we’re sharing our favourite spots to get those perfect Instagram shots. Whether you’re a foodie fiend or an adventure seeker, hit up any of the Taiwan spots below and you’re guaranteed a steady flow of satisfying “likes”.

#GirlSquadGoals 16 Feb / 2017


This month we’re celebrating the confidence and strength of Girl Squads, with a special collection that fuses athleisure styles with an unbeatable edge. From fictional to celebrity status, here are our favourite girl groups that continue to inspire us every day!

Be my Valentine 14 Feb / 2017

Be my Valentine

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most high-pressure days of the year. Expectations are high and feelings of self-judgement are strong but we’re determined to change that! Turn it into a no-stress, fun day where the emphasis is on enjoying yourself, not on how romantic you can be (you have the rest of the year for that!). The beauty of all of these activities is that they’re just as fun to do as a couple as they are with a group of your closest babes. 


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