Bralette Basics 28 Mar / 2017

Bralette Basics

Delightfully dainty and flirtasiously feminine, the power of a beautiful bralette is undeniable. Perfect for summer outfits that show a little bit more skin, the underwire bra’s little sister is having a major fashion moment right now. Slip into our lingerie of choice in one of five ways, and feel the weightless power of the ultimate bralette - proof that big things really do come in small packages!

Seoul Searching 25 Mar / 2017

Seoul Searching

6IXTY8IGHT has finally made it’s way to Seoul with our first store there opening this month! As if that’s not enough reason to go visit South Korea, we’ve rounded up our favourite places in one of the most buzz-worthy cities ever. These are the places you’ll definitely want to hit up, even if it’s just for the Gram!

Spring Dreaming 24 Mar / 2017

Spring Dreaming

We might not be in full on shorts-and-tank-tops territory just yet, but believe us when we say spring is just around the corner. While we’ve shed our parkas and heavy scarves from winter, we’ll still need a light jacket and layers to get us through this transitional weather. Not sure how to go about this? Leave it to these street style mavens to show you a thing or two about almost-spring dressing. 

Frill, Flounce, Flare 18 Mar / 2017

Frill, Flounce, Flare

Peplums: what once started as an inventive way of layering has turned into one of fashion’s biggest trends that we just can’t shed. Happily for us (and you!), this cute little flounce detail has moved its way from waists to everywhere including sleeves and skirts. Embrace your inner femininity and take your cues from some of the best street style shots featuring frills, flounce and flair that will make you want to twirl!


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