50 Shades of Blue 25 May / 2017

50 Shades of Blue

This month, we are dreaming about the ocean breeze, the shining sun and pure relaxation. What comes to your mind when you think of these things? For us it is the beautiful Greek landscape, the tranquil ocean and the lily-white houses scattered all across the mountains. There is nothing more beautiful than the contrast of blue and white in the summer, so although it’s not so easy to hop on the next plane to Greece, why not incorporate the style into your wardrobe instead?

The Boho Slumber Party 22 May / 2017

The Boho Slumber Party

With May coming to an end, we think there’s no better way to culminate the season than with a Boho-themed party. So grab your girls and get ready for the best weekend ever - just follow our checklist below. 

Behind the Scenes | Summer 2017 campaign 19 May / 2017

Behind the Scenes | Summer 2017 campaign

Check out the behind the scenes from our latest campaign!

May Flowers 17 May / 2017

May Flowers

After April showers comes May flowers and what better way to celebrate the most vibrant month of the year than with a manicure to match? From pressed flowers to dainty daisies and playful cactuses, we’ve put together a gallery of flower-inspired manicures. 


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