Rays of Light 13 Jul / 2016

Rays of Light

While we are huge supporters of major fun in the sun, we have to admit that there’s one thing we absolutely can’t leave the house without – our trusty sunscreen. Afterall, sun protection is the very basics of achieving that ethereal, Korean glow. Read on below to find the sunscreen that fits you, and thank us later for a lifetime of great, wrinkle-free skin! 

Pool Envy 29 Jun / 2016

Pool Envy

There’s nothing like a cold dip in an epic pool to beat the heat of summer. Not sure where to head? No worries, we’ve done your homework for you and found the top 10 most breathtaking hotel pools around the world. Ready, jet set, go!

Beat the Heat 22 Jun / 2016

Beat the Heat

When that summer sun hits hard, those heat waves have no mercy. Why not make the most out of the heat by indulging in a delectable frozen treat? 

Float On 16 Jun / 2016

Float On

Rev up your pool party game with floats that your friends will probably spend more time Instagramming than actually chilling on. While the big white swan was cute, it’s also so 2015. This summer, we’ve moved on to bigger, better and yummier pool floats.


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