Red Zone

08 Jan , 2017

With Chinese New Year around the corner, there’s no better time than now to invest in the colour red. Traditionally associated with notions of love, prosperity and festivity, for the next month we are all about red. Need some inspiration? Read on to find out how and when we’ll be wearing our key red pieces this season. 


The Lucky Red Jumper

Ideal scenario: Family reunion dinner

When it comes to this piece, the chunkier the better. Wear yours tucked into a mini skirt or deliberately oversized as a dress with some matching sneakers. Heading somewhere casual? Swap out the mini skirt for a pair of true blue jeans and you’re good to go.



The Can’t-Miss-Me Parka

Ideal Scenario: Movie with the girls

Stripes and a parka go together like ice cream and pie. It’s that perfect combination of nautical vibes and utility details that make this combo feel right. Finish it off with a pair of your favourite denim for a night chilling with the girls.



The Flirty Knit

Ideal scenario: Date night

It’s the colour of love and the flared sleeves that give it an extra bit of flirty appeal. Depending on what he’s got planned for the night’s activities, wear it with a mini skirt for maximum girly effect, or with jeans for a low-key vibe.



The Grab-and-go Scarf

Ideal Scenario: Rushing to class

It’s Monday morning, you’re late for class and it’s cold outside. Believe it or not, two of those woes can easily be fixed with a cosy, bright red scarf. It’ll keep the winter chill at bay while lifting your mood, thanks to the pick-me-up nature of the colour red. Throw it over your standard skinny jeans outfit that’s no-fuss. Sorry, it won’t help you with being late for class though!


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