Peek-a-boo Lingerie

22 Dec , 2016

Forget what your grandma told you, wearing your underwear as outerwear is, in fact, possible. The trick to mastering this trend is to layer, and layer well. Scroll through our gallery of street style moments where these ladies perfected the lingerie trend. 


Leave it to Kendall to pull off sexy-but-cool, by layering a lace bralette over a cropped white tee and jeans.



Wear your favourite lace onesie under a sheer lace dress for a romantic take on party wear.



 Work a plunging neckline with an intricate bralette for a subtle take on layering.



Give a button-up shirt a sexy edge by letting your favourite bra play peek-a-boo from underneath.



Have you always wanted to wear your corset out? Easy. Just layer it over a tank top and top with a denim jacket – instant grunge chic.



Bring new meaning to a pantsuit by swapping your button-up shirt for a cropped top instead. Talk about #bosslady!



Show off the pretty details of your bra by letting it peek out from under an oversized V-neck knit.



A classic date night look – don’t be a little shy if your cute bra straps stick out from under a slouchy, off-shoulder knit. It’s flirty without being over-the-top.



Pair your slip dress nightie with an oversized chunky cardigan and you’ve got instant boho babe vibes.



There’s nothing more sporty chic than pairing your sports bra with matching denim.




Be the showstopper at any party with a black lace dress and black lace lingerie – it’s a sexier take on #allblackeverything. 



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