Meet: Helen Chik

30 Jan , 2017

We caught up with blogger babe Helen Chik to chat travel essentials, fashion & her fave hangs in the 852 …


What are you up to right now?

Catching up on my to-do list since returning from Bali and New Zealand and trying to get on top of my work before heading back overseas.


What do you love the most about Hong Kong?

The cultural diversity and how easy it is to establish a group of connections in a small amount of time. The food is incredible and nothing beats eating at local eateries here.


Tell us your favorite hangs in the 852?

Well I absolutely love wandering around the Soho area with all it’s various bars and restaurants. I also love the element of chaos that you find in the markets in Mongkok. I was also recently introduced to this really cool bar called Ophelia in Wan Chai that I absolutely LOVED! The vibe and aesthetic inside was just so unique.


What do you stock up on whilst in Hong Kong?

Haha – sneakers. I don’t know what it is but you guys just have so much more variety than we do in Australia! I think I visited the sneaker store once every second day to see what new stock came in. We’d be lucky if we got new stock once a month. It’s tragic, I know.



What are your travel essentials?

Portable chargers!!! I think I bring about three with me when I travel just because there’s nothing worse than being stuck anywhere and having your iPhone run flat! A good camera - I think I bring at least three cameras when I travel – my SLR, GoPro and a v-logging camera. Always bring a bikini because you just never know.



What’s on your fashion wish list for AW16?

I just bought the Balenciaga cut out boots that I’ve dreaming about for almost five years and I’m still trying to convince myself to wear them out! But if we’re talking about my next investment then it would have to be the Gucci Dionysus bag! I think I’ve dreamt about it almost every second night for the last month!



What was your favourite SS17 runway show?

There were a few but I feel like Gucci has been in its own league recently with the new creative direction under Alessandro Michele. The brand has really stepped up the game. I don’t think I can scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing a pair of Gucci slides or iconic belt.


Style is…?

Having style is not necessarily being on-trend but rather an attitude and aura that you have when you put together your outfits and walk out of the house. You could be wearing a plane ripped pair of jeans and white linen tee and still have the most incredible style on the street. It’s about how you wear it rather than what you wear which I think is most important. If you wear something that you’re not comfortable in then it’ll show and that will reflect in how you carry yourself. So wear something that you’re naturally comfortable in (not sweats) and the style will come.



What do you like about 6IXTY8IGHT?

I love young and accessible fashion. I love that you don’t need to break the bank to put together a fabulous look and how versatile the pieces are.


Who is your biggest style inspiration & why?

I think a show where I still draw so much of my styling inspiration is Sex and the City and I like to think that I am a mixture of Carrie and Samantha; feminine and stylish but knowing when to really make a statement at the right time. If we were looking at a particular person than I would have to say Erin Wasson has always been that ‘cool’ girl for me that I’ve always aspired to. I was fortunate to have met her last year and she has the most down to earth style I’ve seen for someone with her level of fame.



If I were invisible for the day I would….

I think I would sneak into the FBI headquarters, MI6 or NASA. I’m always curious about what goes on behind those doors. Or maybe I’ll just sneak into the locker rooms of Brazilian soccer team…


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

I think my life would end if I didn’t have the Internet. Is that cheesy? People have tried to force me into a digital detox but I think I would spontaneously combust after an hour if I knew I didn’t have it available to me! Think of it this way, if I was stuck on a remote island – the Internet would let me contact every person in the world I needed to let them of my whereabouts and whilst I wait for my knights in shining armor, I would have endless cat videos on YouTube to keep me company. Haha.


What are you listening to at the moment?

JUSTIN BIEBER! Yep, I’m a Belieber and I’m proud of it! Don’t you give up na na na, I won’t give up na na na, Let me loveeeee you!



What is your favourite holiday destination?

If I was looking for a relaxing beach holiday then I would say Mexico because I just can’t enough of the unnaturally blue waters and amazing natural sink holes. But if we’re talking about shopping and food then Italy is probably one of my favourite European countries. 


Where are you happiest?

I’m actually happiest when I’m spending time with my best girl friends from high school and just laughing about all our silly experiences that we’ve had as teenagers. I love to sit with all my extended family at massive family feasts and just being outright inappropriate with our jokes. Cuddling on the couch with my partner and just watching silly reality dating shows… So this is my long-winded way of saying that I’m happiest when I’m back home and surrounded by my loved ones.


What’s your signature scent?

Oh I would have to say my two signature scents are Le Labo Santal 33 and The Noir 29 now! Though I am a known perfume hoarder so my scents will vary depending what I can find in my bag haha! But those two are my standouts at the moment.





Tea or Coffee?



Early mornings or late nights?

Early morning!


Lipstick or lipgloss?

Lipstick because lip gloss is just too sticky.


Pool or Beach?

It’s tough but beach.


Leather or suede?



Night in or night out?

Night in.Though it seems I turn into a frat girl everytime I come to Hong Kong (haha).


Instagram or Snapchat?



Smoothies or cocktails?



Stilettos or sneakers?



Sun or snow?

SUN (can you tell?)


Pink or blue?



Plain or pattern?



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