Into the Blue

11 Jan , 2017

We’ll admit, we had “My Sassy Girl” on repeat quite a lot back in the day, so you can imagine how psyched we were about Jun Ji-hyun’s new K-drama series “The Legend of the Blue Sea”. Inspired by a classic Joseon legend, the show follows the epic love story between a son of a noble family (played by Lee Min-ho) and a mermaid (played by Jun Ji-hyun) who saved his life. As Season One is coming to a close, here’s a lookback at our favourite looks. We promise no spoilers!



CAPTION: Strutting through the mall like a true fashionista



CAPTION: Contemplating their fate



CAPTION: Working on some elaborate plan together in their matchy matchy outfits



CAPTION: An epic moment made even more OMG thanks to her perfect head-to-toe pink



CAPTION: Looking frazzled but still cute in an oversized graphic tee



CAPTION: Getting some serious talks in between the drama 




CAPTION: Wearing an oversized camel sweatshirt like she borrowed it from her man


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