Famous Families

20 Jan , 2017

Aside from the lucky red packets and delicious food, our favourite part about Chinese New Year has got to be the family celebrations. In the spirit of togetherness, here’s a list of our favourite celebrity families that are giving us major #familygoals right now. 


#1 The Beckhams

Members: Victoria, David, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, Harper Beckham

Fave Fam Moment: When the family supported Victoria sitting front row at her runway show

From their unconditional support for each other’s endeavors to the way Brooklyn Beckham always declares his love for his mum, this family epitomises strong family values.  



#2 The Legends

Members: John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Luna Legend

Fave Fam Moment: Going out for ice cream with John Legend cradling baby Luna

As if John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen weren’t the perfect couple already, they gave birth to the cutest baby girl, Luna, earlier this year. Their cute PDA moments on the red carpet coupled with Luna’s ridiculously cute expressions is enough to make us “aaww” constantly.



#3 The Hadid Siblings

Members: Gigi, Bella, Anwar Hadid

Fave Fam Moment: Christmas at home with their mum

With all three Hadid children as major models, their crazy schedules and jet-setting life means less time to bond with eachother. Yet these kids somehow make it work. The Hadids are major #siblinggoals.



#4 Ariana Grande and her pack

Members: Ariana Grande, Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes Kitty, Cinnamon, Sirius Black, Strauss, Lafayette

Fave Fam Moment: Lafayette giving Ariana a standing hug

Who said anything about family just being about human members? Ariana Grande and her pack of eight dogs prove that family can mean more than just blood. As long as there’s loyalty and unconditional love – it doesn’t matter how many legs they have!



#5 The Wus

Members: Daniel Wu, Lisa Selesner, Raven Wu

Fave Fam Moment: Daniel taking Raven ice skating for the first time

When you pair Lisa’s playful personality with Daniel Wu’s professionalism, you’ve got the perfect role models for their baby girl Raven. From vacationing in South Africa to taking the Game of Thrones tour, this family is never short on adventure.



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